We are a journalism organization & activist network focused on empowering and driving change in bicultural communities.

First of all, what does bicultural mean? Well, the base definition of someone who is bicultural is someone who identifies with at least two different ethnicities or cultures. This may include first-generation immigrants, second generation immigrants, and people who identify as biracial as well. At Biculturally, our focus is on the intersectionality of this definition. The bicultural experience — and its variegated definition — is the push and the pull of different identities, and the balance of each of these worlds. This may include, but is not limited to, bicultural individuals of different sexualities, gender identities religious beliefs, disabilities, socioeconomic statuses, or class. By placing intersectionality at the forefront, we aim to empower existing communities through dialogue while creating the space for new ones to flourish.

As a community-based organization, we aim to bring people together through cultivating intentional spaces for communication. What does this mean? Well, we want to be a steadfast resource for everyone living the bicultural experience. Our goal is to drive change in bicultural communities & the common issues that they face. Establishing connection through shared experience is the best way to break generational cycles, and create an inclusive, safe space for action. Our writers, reporters, and program leaders do this through community-based projects such as workshops, seminars, and events that facilitate conversation. We are a framework for what can happen when people come together — and organize around their stories to make change.