A picture of Ekta, standing in front of a background of dry grass, a fence, and a tree. She is wearing a pink jumpsuit, expressionless and with her hands touching her shoulders.
Ekta Daryani
Bhavana is smiling a faint smile. She is wearing a red-orange collared blouse, poised with her arms crossed, standing in front of a background of city buildings, cars, and pedestrians.
Bhavana Ravala
Operations Coordinator
Juhi S. Naik
Social Engagement Coordinator
A picture of Anusha, smiling in a brown, floral polka-dotted shirt, and standing in front of a brick wall.
Anusha Bansal
Managing Editor
Jessica's face is turned towards blood orange flowers that she gentle touches with her hands. She is smiling, sitting in a background of a green fence, trees, and some flowers peaking out.
Jessica Kweon
Social Media Content Creator
Devika is standing in front of a background of berries and leaves entwined around metal in a grid. She is expressionless, wearing a floral suspender skirt over a black shirt, her hair in a side braid, and circular golden earrings.
Devika Elakara
Graphic Designer
Ania sits across the table at a booth. She is smiling, with long black hair and a blue headband adorning it. She wears a small gold locket that is shaped like a heart, framed by her pink jacket.
Ania Ty
Mausam Mehta
A picture of Saumya standing in front of a house. Shadows of flowers and grass rest over the sunlight. Saumya is smiling and wearing a traditional South Asian outfit, which is black and red.
Saumya Monga
Shawn is sitting on a red porch swing, in front of a background of grass and trees. He is wearing a formal purple button-up shirt and pants, with a casual, carefree smile. One arm is resting on his lap and his other arm is around his dog.
A picture of Leilani sitting in the grass and sunlight, wearing a white off-the-shoulder romper.
Leilani Rocha
Program Leader
Melany is looking at the camera, expressionless. She is standing in front of green bushes, wearing a dark blue blazer with a velvety floral pattern.
Melany Canela
Program Leader
Shareyne is smiling as the sun shines on her face; her hair is long and wavy, and she is wearing a bandana to hold it back. She is standing in front of paneled houses amidst grass and trees.
Shareyne Repaje
Program Leader
Sophia Sansano
Program Leader