Navigating LGBT+ and Asian Identities

Host: Sophia Sansano (
Date: TBA

Bridging Identities

Host: Melany Canela (
Date: TBA

Most people fail to recognize the double lifestyle of a first generation American. To clarify, the importance of Latinx, Caribbean, and other POC identities when transitioning into American-hood…this conversation will discuss the trials and tribulations of first generation Americans and their path on bridging the gap between their immigrant focused identities and American identities.

Video Campaign: “I am Bicultural”

Host: Leilani Rocha (
Date: TBA

Want to show your bicultural pride? Submit a video of yourself to be a part of this collective! Start off by introducing yourself and your identity, then answer these four questions:
1. What is one thing you like about each of your cultures?
2. What is one thing you find difficult about being bicultural?
3. What is one thing you wish people understood about your identity?
4. Why are you proud to be you?
End it off by saying the words “I am Bicultural” and send your finished videos to by DATE TBA. Excited to hear about your experiences!